Why games are not being canceled when lichess goes down?

A few minutes ago lichess went down when I was playing.

I had better position but my opponent was lucky enough to make the last move before the website became unresponsive so eventually I've lost the game on time.

Why all those games are not just canceled or lost rating point are returned?

Many of us suffered this, truly annoying

Hey there! It is only 5 Points, not a big deal. LiChess is a Free To Play game, you have to calculate these things. In 1 year there will be maintance because they develop the site to give you better gaming experience. I think it is a fair trade.

Predicting the unpredictable can be hard at times.

@Zhai the issue is not with 5 points. The issue is with user experience and satisfaction.

@lovlas there is no need to predict things. The need is to cancel the games that were played when the website went down.
This is just a fair play.

When I was young I broke a vase that my mom got from a deceased relative. I didn't do it on purpose and felt really bad about it. If I had known it would happen I would of course done something differently, or at least caught it before it hit the floor and broke. But, you know shit happens, and you can't always plan for shit to happen. Sometimes things break and we have to live with that.

You can if it's a planned downtime, that's not an easy thing to do when something crashes.

@lovlas I know that things break and you can't always plan for that to happen. I am just suggesting an improvement.

@bufferunderrun As a professional backend developer I assure you - this is not that difficult. :)