Why does my account show a 75% completion rate?

In that LIchess has made it impossible to email them a question, I wonder if anyone might have a clue as to why my account shows only a 75% completion rate. I have never left a game unlike so many of my opponents. I finish everyone of them so how are these folks indicating that I have not completed 25% of my games? Do I get charged when someone is not courteous enough to resign a lost game and simply leaves the game? If so, they need to change the system. Oh that's right - you get what you pay for!

Game completion rate is calculed based on your last games. It is considered that you didn´'t complete a game when you abort (not your opponent) or when you run out of time (when the system assumes that you ran out of time on purpose).

Of the 8 games that you've lost, you left 2.

I guess wins don't count towards game completion rate. It's not like you can win a game by ragequitting.

Or you have a few aborted games that have disappeared from your history (as they do after a certain amount of time).

Interesting, but i have played every single game I have played here to the very end. I have never quit, etc. so it makes no sense that the software claims that 25% of the time I did not compete the game whereas the correct answer is 0 %!

Sometimes you might have left the website because of personal stuff, and it lowers completion rate.

What does leaving the website have to do with not completing a game?

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