Why daily 960 are now so late in the night ?

@Zooparis , there is no time that lichess can put them at that will work for everyone. It just so happens that for a little while it is people in your time zone who will be inconvenienced.

Hope you're right and that they will change after a while. It seems to me that 21h UTC is good for irish, senegal, and atlantic fishermen, or morning players from china, alaska, and siberia or european nightwatchmen.

I am curious whether 960 participation has decreased... if so (assuming a time change) I'll ask other developers what's up...

It seems it has slightly decreased. But that might be a consequence of the change itself. When you change the time, you loose some players for whom the new time is not convenient before you attract players who would like to play at the new hour but are not aware of the change yet. Furthermore you have the end of lockdowns effect.
Let's assume that for most countries, the maximum number of players is between 17h pm and 23h pm.
I don't know lichess metrics by country and hour, so my proposition might be naive. I would suggest 3 daily 960.
- One at 19h pm UTC which is a good time for most Europe and Africa.
- One at 1h am UTC Which is a good hour for North and South America
- One at 13h pm UTC for India, Indonesia, Philippines, Siberia, Australia, Japon and China (if chinese play on lichess)
If you think 3 daily tournaments would result in less players in each (not sure) you can schedule the daily 960, at the american optimal time Tuesday, European and african optimal time on Wednesday Thursday, Asian optimal time on Friday and Saturday.
21h pm UTC is good for who ? Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Senegal, Brazil. Not enough in my opinion.

Anyone knows if attracting the biggest participation is the organisers only criteria when they set the tournaments timetable?

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