Why 2+1 instead of 2+0 with its cheap, frustrating endings, even for bullet standards?

I would like to play 2+0 but if I create custom games it just doesn't work after a certain rating, and well, it will never work as well as a default option.

2+1 it is then... no other time control variant gives me as much of an infuriating frustration as 2+1. This is supposed to be about making the right trade-off between speed and depth. You ran out of time, you lost. Yet how many times I would've won in 2+0 but ended up loosing because of the 1 sec increments? 80% of my 2+1 games? Not even kidding. I went back to custom 2+0 games a couple of times, just to see things slow down as I gained back my rating loss and giving up eventually, going back to the 2+1 hell.

Nothing wrong with increments, I' don't mind them in 15+15 (yeah well, I don't mind, but never really got it, especially on a site where you can pre-select your moves, considering what increments are supposed to accomplish I find this a pretty bad combination of features.)

1+0 is far-far faster and 3+0 is not bullet anymore, bleeding very bullet-ish game stats to my 5+0 stats, so I'm avoiding it.

2+1 is for the slowpokes that still want to have the bullet experience. 1+0 sounds like just the thing for you.

i don't really like 1+0 or 2+0 because many times it just becomes a battle of who can move their mouse faster

@rokoroks I find that 2+1 fits your description exactly, except it's much worse, because whoever reaches ~5 seconds first can resort to this tactic indefinitely. In 2+0 they at least run out of time eventually if they think slower.

@lovlas maybe I should get used to it, tried a couple of games now after some time but well... it's very different from the 2+0 experience that I prefer. Guess I'll keep an open mind about it and keep trying, but I don't really get it yet, not sure if I will.

@ChuckmateNorris ...Nice user name ! There is a post in the Off -Topic forum section that you may like...its called "Chuck Norris is so tough..." Its on page 5 now. I like Chuck ! :]

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