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  3. Whose idea was it to organise the Winter Marathon on a Thursday !?

People generally have a) school, b) work. Others mostly don't have money to buy a computer. Why not organise the Marathon on January 1, when everyone is on holiday, because many people on this site lives in countries that don't celebrate Christmas ( me included) BECAUSE I HAVE MY EXAMS HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PLAY !? I HAVE NO TIME THAT I PLAY FROM MY CLASSROOM'S SMARTBOARD IN LUNCHBREAKS BECAUSE THERE ARE EXAMS FOR 3 WEEKS !

You may write a feedback to lichess for that :)
Even though personally I agree with you, it should be lastly at a Saturday or Sunday

100% agree,lichess should make important tournament o saturdays or sundays

Agreed; they should always fall on a Weekend.
Saturday preferably since Sunday youd have some people needing to go to sleep early for work/school.

While I agree with your OP mostly; I dont understand one part:
"Others mostly don't have money to buy a computer"

How would what day a tournament falls on help such people....and how would they be on lichess in the first place? Im missin something lol.

Me too I agree has well I mean chess is a good concept but 24 hours tournament seems to big! And the max I can play is 5 hours but 24 hours!!!!! And it is on weekdays so know way for players to join and complete the tournament

@J--p I would assume the idea behind a 24 hour tournament is so people who work/school part of the day can still participate in part of it; but others will play the entire 24 hours or close to it which throws the idea behind it out the window.

Yes true


Agree. Should be Saturday into Sunday.

As Friday is a holy day for Muslims, Saturday for Jews, and Sunday for Christians, Thursday looks like a fine compromise.

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