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  3. When do you block another user?

First off: i am not sure if this thread is placed here correctly, but IMHO this was the board fitting best. If this is not the case, please move it to a better place.

Everybody can "block" any other account here at his discretion and i think this is a good thing. I am just curious which reassons others have to block someone, because i notice that the older i get the more picky i am about who i want to see and play.

My own reasons for blocking someone are (most of the times):

- leaving the game instead of giving up. Even better, some don't even leave the game but stay in there, just don't move any more. Letting me futilely wait for nothing takes time out of my precious lifespan and is a detestable act. You do it only once to me.

- unsporting chat. From time to time (it doesn't happen that often) i have games that are like this: first, i am challenged by a player far below my own rating class. I accept the challenge and get beaten royally, the opponent just plays way stronger than his rating suggests (and me, obviously). Near the end of the game or when i get in sufficient positional disadvantage the chat messages start, usually with some belittling remarks about me not being worth my rating, playing badly in general, challenging my intellectual capabilities or something such. If these messages are sufficiently bad i report the accounts, but even if not: they are immediately blocked. I have better things to do than to play jerks.

- people who abort games. This is something that happens regularly: i get paired with someone, who (probably because he didn't get the colour he wanted) aborts the game, immediately challenging for a rematch. My usual response to that is to accept the rematch, abort the game and challenge for a rematch myself. Most of the guys go away (seems like they don't like tit for tat) after this, but some repeat the nonsense. They are blocked immediately, because if someone is not only dull enough to not understand how the interface works and takes it out on me to cover for his lack of understanding i don't want to play him.

- The "whiners". One pattern is: you get paired with someone usually rated way lower than yourself. The game starts and after 3 moves he offers a draw. He repeats doing so for the next fifteen moves, sometimes followed by chat messages how immediately he needs to go. Alternative pattern: he is already materially significantly behind (like a rook or more) and offers draw then. If you have time for only three moves, don't play chess. And if you are behind a rook against a player 300 points heavier than yourself in an otherwise equal position: just give up. And because i don't like to get pestered with these nonsense draw-offers i block them immediately.

Well, these (and of course the usual self-explanatory ones) are my reasons to use the "block-and-ignore" feature. What are yours?


(AFAIK there isn't a way to move a forum topic from one forum to a different forum... but I guess this seems OK to discuss here.)

I only block people who threaten me or seriously agitate me (the latter of which hasn't yet happened).

I only block players with beards or part their hair down the middle.
Point is; what is gained by discussing negative behavior?
We are all well aware of reasons to block, why rehash them in public?
Only negative attention is sought.

mdinnerspace said:
> Point is; what is gained by discussing negative behavior?

It might have escaped your notice but: the discussion is about REASONS FOR BLOCKING someone - that is: not "negative behavior" but the discutands reaction to it.

> We are all well aware of reasons to block,
> why rehash them in public?

Because we might not have the same reasons and it might be interesting to hear the reasons of others. If you are not interested in this, why are you answering here?

> I only block players with beards or part their
> hair down the middle.

You surely want to know in this case that i have a beard and wear part of my hair down my middle. Please block me, don't answer any posting of mine in the forum and ignore me otherwise either.

> Only negative attention is sought.

Many thanks for explaining my own reasons to me. I wouldn't have understood them otherwise. Did you earn your psychology degree at the same institute where you had your mathematical education? (see )


I block people for tons of reasons.

They beat me multiple times then rejoin my new game immediately after I just said GG on the last loss of multiples.

I beat them multiple times (same as above just reversed)

They let the time run out when they realize they are beat instead of resigning (1 minute plus of time left that they let run out. Not seconds)

Or a multitude of other things. Sometimes I just do it bc I dont want to see their stupid 15 second or 0+1 Crazyhouse games in my Que.

All that being said: Once a week or every two weeks at longest; I go through and Unblock EVERYONE who is on my block list.

breakreign said:
> All that being said: Once a week or every two weeks at
> longest; I go through and Unblock EVERYONE who is on
> my block list.

Interesting. Care to share with us the reasons for doing so? I never unblock anybody on that list, because i don't believe people change (the ones that do are exceptions). Whatever they did to get there IMHO they are likely to do again.


Maybe a poll would be helpful.
"Top 10 reasons To Block"
A vote is then taken.
This will surely help in creating a positive atmosphere and good will among players.
Maybe by viewing all the different ways to be a poor sportsman, players might be discouraged from the behavior.

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