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  3. 👿👿👿What's wrong with lichess ? 👿👿👿 Why are they warning me on something I didn't do? I didn't use a single offensive word. Who is doing the moderation? Please don't do this without a proper evidence

Well this is interesting. Can you provide a screen capture of the chat?

Here is the proof. Funny thing is I created this account 3 days ago and I only play bullet games.


Two messages

1. Saying I use an excessive account.

2. Saying I am using an offensive word.

I asked for the proof. So far no reply

@sazed Why are you doing this to him?

Yes. Why me ?? Why . Let's talk and settle our differences

That was no proof. Obviously if someone is a moderator, they can give such warnings on their own judgement.
The moderator mentioned chat privileges in the screen capture. Did you have a chat with some player to which this warning was a follow up? What was the personal dispute you mentioned?
Or did this warning just pop from the sky?

Pop from the sky. Personal dispute is unrelated to lichess. The problem is he warns and bans everytime I create an account.

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