What is a Team Leader on Lichess?

I was asked by a user, Do you want to be a Team Leader? I said Sure.

What is a Team Leader on Lichess? What are their responsibilities? Is this information summarised at a location? Thank you.

no, you cant play in team tourneys for that team, you can create them, make team battles etc.

My post was a general question about the scope and responsibilities of being a Team Leader (so that I can potentially be a good one and contribute to the lichess community).

@morphyms1817 is a resoponsibility if you want to help to the team,

for have an active team you can do proyects, prize arenas, many team battles, etc...

you must do something cool in your team, something special because what all members of that team will contribute in this proyect or event.

@morphyms1817 It really depends on the team.
There are no extra responsibilities or commitments from or to Lichess by being a team leader.
As long as you follow the standard Lichess Terms of agreement.

Being a team leader, It gives you some influence on how the team operates.
You should perhaps ask this, in the team forum, and hear what the members think.

no problems, I have a team with only 500 members, but ALL they are active and play in my events.

There are teams with 1000, 2000, 3000, etc, members but the team is not active, is "dead" because there are no events there and the number "1000" do not aignifice anything if the players are not active

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