What happened to PNACL Stockfish in Chrome?

Now it's just WASMX, which often takes much longer to load, and frequently doesn't load at all.

Is there some way to keep using PNACL in Chrome?

PNaCl is a deprecated technology and will soon be removed from Chrome in favor of WebAssembly. That's why we're currently eXperimenting with the latest WebAssembly.

If absolutely nescessary we can revert to PNaCl for the time beeing, but I'd rather figure out the problems with WebAssembly. Are there any errors in the developer console when the engine does not load? (F12, switch to "Console" tab)

In replicating the (I believe aforementioned) bug, where the engine hangs; a function is repeatedly called which attempts to divide by zero eg. "Uncaught RuntimeError: divide by zero at wasm-function". This in turn triggers the console comment: "watchdog disarmed: wasmx" which, presumably, is the point at which the engine fails to load without a hard refresh. Hope that helps clarify the issue further.

PNaCl is deprecated but it's still faster than WASM. Why can't we just have the option to use PNaCl?

Also, why is it WASMX? Wasn't there a working WebAssembly implementation for use in Firefox and other browsers? Is there some fundamental change that warrants putting the X at the end?


The fundamental change between WASM and WASMX is that WASMX supports multi-threading.

I like the implementation of WASMX.
PNACL didn't work for me and WASM used only 1 thread. Now all my CPU is used, so the analysis is much faster. But I don't mind if there is an option to switch to PNACL instead.

I'm in favor of WASMX, but I seem to be limited to 8 threads. Is there a reason for this? PNACL version would let me use as many threads present minus 1.

Stockfish 9+WASMX
Engine wird geladen ...

It is 2nd day at least.
Can we fix it?

I have the same problem of engine never loading, despite refreshing.