What do you want changed in ?

On the quick pairing replace the unnessecary custom button with 10+5 rapid time control.

@breathe-smile @shibenation please note that if you've never played a game against that opponent the "games against you" button doesn't exist. But this is a great feature at lichess.

I would like to:

Click "Watch"

Select a rating range

Watch any level of play. (Currently we only watch the highest playing level available - watching lower level chess can be very instructional)

More classical time format tournaments. Right now there is only one per month.

More increment tournaments.

Make it easier to post pics.

Make it easier to follow posts on the forums.

Tournament Organizers should be able to deactivate the chat for a tournament, would be helpful for youth tournaments.

As a tournament organiser, It would be nice to be able to able to download the rankings of the tournament.

Besides, due to the corona crisis, I am looking to organise an alternative for the club competition. For example, create a tournament in which the paired players have a specified number of days to play their game. So that I can let 'm play each week.

I would also like to add a second (and third) teamleader to my team.


I agree with @GeefZeVanJetje that it would be nice if we could have more than one team leader. I also wish that you can change your username more than just lowercase, or capitalize letters.

what really stresses me out is that if my opponent goes offline they have 120 seconds to return, but if they return when the time is like 59 seconds left and leave again the counter goes back to 120