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  3. What are the chances of seeing Dark Chess variants?

I know the upkeep on such a system might be hard, but I really think there are a lot of Dark Chess (and related variants) out there that need a good judge to keep the hidden information hidden. Lichess feels like an ideal place for these games.

Is it something we might see in testing or that's been requested before?


It's been requested and I attempted & failed spectacularly to implement it.

Understood. Thanks for the attempt! :-)

@Toadofsky May I ask why you failed, what was giving you hard times? Because I want to somehow participate in coding Lichess although fixing some old bugs is not want I intend to do in my free time (yet), because I have to do it at work already; hope you understand. So if there is anyway I can help with it, I'll be really glad to.

@Makedonium Everything about the backend was challenging. It's difficult to imagine a more challenging task than implementing Dark Chess...

I guess I will first dive into a bit more about Dark Chess (heard of it just yesterday here) and then come back. Can I pvt you, @Toadofsky ?

It's an excellent variant: .

pvt - Protoss vs. Terran? What?

@Toadofsky pvt as private message. Yeah, I watched your 2h youtube video when you played it on that site.

@Makedonium Sure, I do respond to private messages (although I'm glad to discuss issues in forums or the Lichess Discord channel, especially in cases where I don't know everything)

I assume you've found , for example how to install Lichess.

@Toadofsky Yeah, discussing things is always better on public forms, just things get quite fast off the topic of current thread. I was interested in starting developing for Lichess.

Yeah, I've found the Github page but I don't know what you meant by the last part of the sentence.

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