WCC 2016 for lichess streamers

Hello dear lichess streamers,

As you know Agon owns the legal rights to the diffusion of the WCC games and moves. Whether or not these rights have any legal ground is irrelevant here.

If they feel like they can attack lichess, they probably will. We can't have that. We can't have any legal suit at all. It's too much work, and we prefer to spend our time on making lichess better.

So let us be very careful, please.

If you are featured on lichess homepage, please wait for each game to be finished before you replay its moves.
As soon as the game is finished, you can study it in your stream.

By precaution we will temporarily unfeature any stream that shows or discusses games in progress.

I'm sure you understand, and will help us stay clear of any trouble.

Thanks and have great streams!

I'd just like to add that lichess is a site that is run purely off of the kind donations of the users. I think that the people who donated to the site would rather we spend the money on maintaining the servers and supporting Thibault's efforts to make the site even more amazing then lining the pockets of lawyers fighting trivial lawsuits. It's a shitty situation to be in, but this is probably the safest decision to make given these lousy circumstances.

Will have my own analysis uploaded to my youtube AFTER each game. I cant get sued myself. And I am sure as ^&#@ not going to pay Agon 15 dollars to see the games (After what they did to c24 and others). I bought a chess24 premium membership and that will be it.

After studying the Agon terms and discussing with the team, it appears that lichess is also in danger if a public study relays live moves. So:

Please do not play the WCC moves in a public study. By precaution, we will have to delete such studies. Sorry :(

You can:

Play the live moves in private studies.
Play the moves in public studies as soon as the game is finished.

Thank you for your understanding.

Although I dislike the situation, we understand it Thibs and will abide by the request.

Thanks for letting us know.

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