Watch TV - Marathon or other Awesome Tournaments

Like the Watch Lichess TV for the best Top Rated ...
Feature request: It would be good to see the Lichess Marathon or Active Leaderboard players ... or other large tournaments ...
There could be a TV link for these Awesome Lichess tournaments of the day, the most massive tournaments of the day. When the top player in the standings is on line, their automatically on Lichess TV.

Every time there is a Marathon or an Awesome tournament or someone from the Leaderboard, people could then follow the top player of that Marathon or awesome tournament or leaderborad will a direct link.

Who knows, maybe one day someone will decide to hint a cable company to broadcast this live link on a local cable TV channel. Then others that are not on the internet could could still see the broadcasted match on a real TV set.

With a direct link and auto updating to stay on the top standings list of that marathon or tournament of the day, it would probably really simplify things to have it broadcasted on someones local TV station or simply to follow those great chess activities on Lichess.

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