Waited for ever for opponent to move - but suddenly I was timed out!

His time went down all to 0. Was waiting for the win, but suddenly he had moved, and I was timed out! Got pictures to prove this.

I mean - WTAF??? No warnings, bells, whistles - just loose?

It's an annoying problem that has plagued this site for months now, and it seems Lichess doesn't care to fix it. I have gotten into the habit of hitting refresh if the opponent takes a lot of time, as I am never sure if it's supposed to be my clock running down or theirs. The latest "feature" that has been added is the stupid blinking red circle in the corner of the board that doesn't disappear until you refresh.

Lichess cannot fix your internet connection or make the light go faster.It is not site's fault,as it is going very well and latency of Lichess server is also low.Only problem could be bad internet connection during game.

It's due to your internet connection. If you fix that, you won't have that problem again.

me too played classical game and when my opponent had loose, he just off his computer,and was in game. I lose by disconnection, because leave game

This is certainly not related to internet connections. I (as many others) observed this issue ever since v2 got live and it keeps happening to me regardless of the quality of my internet connection. Unfortunately, the issue seems to be hard to reproduce for lichess or to identify the actual cause. It is very frustrating to lose games due to that, and it happend to me quite often in the last months (blitz rating dropped around 200 point thanks to that issue). Still, it's just online chess, so no reason to take it too seriously ;)

I regretably stopped playing 1&3 min games here, cause it is becoming an impossible situation, no problems on other sites! which rules out my internet as a cause.
sorry to say that, but it is true

It's not a connection issue. The opponent's timer running down when it's your turn to move problem occurs whether I use the internet at home, at work (hard wired), house sitting, or in a public wifi setting. Furthermore, this issue never used to occur until a few months ago. I never have problems with timeseal on FICS, or, so I don't understand how the issue is on my end. It's really a shame, as I love the Lichess interface, and it's still my preferred place to play.

I suffer from this problem, persistently, since V2 is online.
I chose to use my PC and my cell phone at the same time, looking in the Android APP, to see if my opponent was moving.
  I finish many games on the phone.
However, sometimes the phone is the one that fails.