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Lichess should make the default screen the black one instead of the white one for people visiting the site for the first's just so much more visually appealing and more impressive. Most of the streamers, and all of the Youtubers pretty much use black, so why is white the default? It's kinda like putting the Ford Pinto right out front at the car dealership instead of the Mustang. Just sayin'...

Carry on!

This please, the white lichess looks horrible

yes, i always use black, also using black saves electricity in the long run, so chess can save the environment lol

white is better

All serious chess players use a White background. Eye strain occurs over a short time with Black.

Hard to believe. Any Lichess settings stats to back that up without ignoring the bias of those who just leave it as is because they don't know better? Tang, Jerryand many others play all day sometimes, using black background. Sounds fishy....


"All serious chess players use a White background. Eye strain occurs over a short time with Black."

Troll. You disagree with everyone just for the sake of it.

Had a feeling it was nonsense! Damn Trolls!

Think maybe streamers use a Black background because it shows best on my White background ?
If they used a White background, there would be no contrast.
Would be cool to ask them what background they use when not streaming, but only playing.
Pay no attention to Timid.
Seriously, streamers set a Black background because of the contrast with most users who use a White background. Wouldn't work very well would it ... White on White?

Here's a fun query for Thibault and crew:

Look at all active accounts at least 6 months old. Grab current profile background theme. Remove all results which have no background color change in the profile's history (to weed out the ignorant). Return results for each background theme.

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