very suspicious connection issue

I was playing in the crazyhouse tournament today. I lose alot because i'm not that great but that's ok. I don't mind losing. The more i lose, the more I learn. But on a rare occasion today I had mate on the next move. I make the mating move and then immediately after, I get the red "reconnecting" status. I think I had a good 45 seconds or so left on the clock. It stayed in "reconnecting" status for the remainder of my time not registering my winning move and ran my clock all the way down to zero. Then right after, it reconnects and i've lost on time. This is statistically very improbable for me to disconnect this one time today and to stay disconnected just long enough to run the clock completely out especially since it was almost a full minute to stay disconnected. I smell a rat. Also, my son was playing call of duty on xbox live in online multiplayer in the next room and had no interruptions whatsoever before, during or after this happened to me.. It was only my connection to Lichess that was affected. This was not an internet modem/ service issue on my end. Weird things happen but this sounds very much like some type of an exploit to me.

I agree. I also experienced it many times that my premoves do not get registered, and then I may lose whole seconds even I premove. And, as said by #1, it seems to happen more often in the endings of the games.

I can't help you with your specific issue, but I glanced at your profile a bit.

I'm sorry if I misinterpret your actions, but it seems like you let the clock run out a lot. I see you mostly play fast games, so it might just be that you actually spend a bit too much time pondering over your moves (which if course is perfectly ok!). But if this isn't the case, please consider to click resign if you don't want to play on any more.

I appreciate your feedback, but you do misinterpret my posting. In fact if you think I'm lying you should just say so. I stated earlier that I had nearly a whole minute to make an obvious mating move. I did not spend the time pondering. I didn't need to and I was definitely not feeling time pressure on this one. I knew the move immediately upon my turn and tried to make the move. It is true I play fast games and lose on time quite a bit. I'm still working on my time management skills as that is one of the weakest parts of my game. My losses to time though almost always involve me taking too long thinking earlier in the game and being forced into a series of hasty desperate moves towards the end. Or finding myself in sharp complicated positions that look like they could go into many different lines. This is not the case here. The mating move was pretty obvious even to a lower rated player, and my previous moves leading to the winning position should show i knew where i was going and got there successfully, and with plenty of time left to boot.. I was not under time pressure on this one and had all the time in the world to make the one obvious mating move that I had shooting for in the first place. I am telling you that I was not allowed to make the winning move because of a very suspicious (in my opinion) disconnection. Also, the fact that I lost is not really a big deal to me either. It's the suspicious circumstances surrounding how it happened that I'm posting about. I was late entering that tournament and would not have been in contention. I was there simply for the chance to enjoy some games with other players. Like I said, I lose a lot and I'm perfectly fine with that. I know why I lose when I lose. Mostly because I took too long or was simply outplayed by a superior player. That's all good. I welcome that actually. Playing better players is how I will get better. Also, I do resign quite often, not because I'm exasperated or angry, but because I find it's respectful not to continue on in tournaments dragging out an obviously losing position. I still play to win, but if my position is hopelessly lost, then the respectful thing to do is accept it and let that guy go on to other games without wasting their time. So I do resign very often so as to give the other player every opportunity to get back to the lobby and play more games before the tournament ends.

With that being said, I am posting because if there is a glitch or exploit that caused this to occur, then I should absolutely put it out there because it threatens the integrity of the game and our site, which I am quite fond of being a part of. So If this is an isolated occurrence then we can just chalk it up to being a weird deal. But if its happening to others then it needs to be looked at and investigated.

Sorry if I wasn't clear! I don't at all think you're lying. My comment wasn't at all related to the issue you described in your post, hence I wrote "I can't help you with your specific issue (...)"

I just happened to note that over the last games, I counted at least 20 "Time ran out" losses, and not a single resign.

it happens to me too, in fact it just did: in this game i premoved b4 at the end and had about a lot of seconds on the clock, but in this last move the connection simply "failed" and my time ran out. Very frustrating thing. The worst is because in the entire game i had no problems but when it is in its last 1 or 2 moves the connection tends to fail.

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