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@deepLA No, but someone might, for instance, set up a script to repeatedly send hundreds of messages on several threads simultaneously in an attempt to overload the servers--or more realistically, flood a high-traffic thread with links to their YouTube channel. It's frankly unlikely, but I don't see how the installation of rather easy Captchas has done anything but help the forums.

The argument that "None of the other sites have this, so we shouldn't as well," is flawed from the start--namely, simply because something is the standard does not mean that it is the best solution. As an example... prior to 1977, the unwritten standard among airlines was that the captain was almost always the source of authority in the cockpit--and this mentality, plus an onset of heavy fog and a severe miscommunication, led indirectly to the Tenerife disaster, which resulted in the deaths of over 550 people. (To be fair, this is a rather extreme scenario, but this is one of many cases where the set standard was simply not well equipped to deal with the many possibilities of reality. An example more close to earth would be watching an often-frequented blog be forced to shut down due to a script kiddie DDoSing the server, for the sole fact that the website host didn't bother to add a rate-limit for the number of incoming requests--a scenario that many will probably remember if they either frequented the early days of the Internet, or were unlucky enough to see something similar happen even today.)

The chance that, were there not a Capatcha, one would utilize a script to spam the living daylights out of a thread on a chess forum is quite low--but it is not zero. And the inclusion of a Capatcha ensures that such an unwanted scenario will never occur, whilst producing very little additional effort on the part of the legitimate users (as demonstrated, for example, by the relative speediness of your reply above).

(Also, none of this has anything to do with the initial topic, so we should probably get back on topic following this--or if you want, simply move this conversation to private messages.)

I find lichess CAPTCHA useless, any decent spamming script can solve mate in 1, you don't even need to incorporate an engine into it. Tbh though, automatic image recognition is also basically solved as of 2019, and conventional CAPTCHA's are not hard to break, but they require some considerable effort though.

beginners have more trouble because they have to go and look at the solution and then post something. *all those precious seconds wasted everytime someone wants to post in a thread*

OK sure i thought we were done with the actual topic and you got your answers all right

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