Unsportsmanlike behavior

Maybe it’s worth introducing punishments for people who are playing an ugly game: they take time to let the opponent go out, they behave ugly in a chat room (they do not swear). For example, a ban for a day, and with frequent abuse the label "toxic player". Many times I met either those who wait 10 minutes a turn before the mat(today ), or write something from the category: well, why did you come to play here, wimp. And in the first case, you can wait 10 minutes until the opponent comes out and surrenders a second before the end of time.

I know it's really frustrating to have to wait for an opponent ( in a nearly mated position ) to resign but enforcing game termination based on time spent would seem infringing to me... both players agree to play a game in a certain time format, both are free to use their time as they wish. for instance, you can premove if it's forced mate in 1, leave the tab open and play other games meanwhile

#6 Indeed, that's my take on it, although (even among Lichess staff) not everyone feels that way.

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