Underserved defeat

You opened a new window, setup the current game position (move 22) on an analysis board and started engine analysis. Are we supposed to believe you didn't see the engine lines that were displayed on your screen at that moment ?

I made mistakes and I can see it. My party is not perfect. And I didn 't use!

@Roman_spb нельзя анализ включать при текущей игре. Вообще надо быть благодарным что аккаунт не маркирован как читер.

Я не включал анализ. Что можно было анализировать то после 22 хода? Ладей менять и у белых преимущество.

@Roman_spb я спорить с вами не буду. "Сheat detected" сразу появляется после того как игрок открыл комп анализ, c кокой либо позиций, во время текущей игре.

I trust lichess servers man. It works quite well.
Once one of my siblings wanted to play stockfish 10 so we both agreed to "cheat" if you will. Lichess detected it real fast. Hey, it wasn't really cheating, just wanted to see how fast we got crushed.

@erikelrojo how do you know he turned on an engine at move 22? The cheat-detection might have been triggered by a series of moves and not just the last one.

@Roman_spb don't worry about online rating. Just play chess

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