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  3. Unable to submit coach review

Hi -- I tried to submit a coach review twice last week, and once again today, but it doesn't seem to be going through. It doesn't show up on the coach's page and he hasn't received any notification. Not sure if it makes any difference, but my review happens to be exactly at the character limit. Thanks!

Coaches need to approve your reviews before they become public. They can do so from their coach manager page.

But doesn't it make the whole idea of reviews useless?

Probably no sane coach will approve any negative feedback, so even if a real student has a valid negative feedback it will never be published.

Approved reviews by the party being reviewed???
Something is amiss here. Sounds like censorship in anybody's book.
Best not to have any reviews than this policy.

Bad reviews are redirected to moderators, who can then decide to demote the coach.

In this case it would be nice to write how the reviews work on the page with reviews.

When I am coming to the coach page, and see only good reviews, I assume that out of all the students no one had any bad interaction with this coach. It looks like this is not the case.

@thibault It is not about good or bad reviews, it about the trust in the review system. If out of 3 lessons a coach was late by 15 minutes in two of them, then there is nothing bad in the review "this coach is rarely on time". If the coach claims that he speaks German, but during the interaction it appears that his German is very rudimentary, then the review "German skills are rudimentary" is absolutely valid.

Now it is not clear what will cause the decision to demote the coach. Will any of the things I mentioned will be enough to demote the coach? I highly doubt that everyone will agree that this is enough. But I think that most of the people would agree that this information will be useful.

Of course, you are the boss here, but in my opinion every student who has taken at least one class and paid money, should have a right to write any review he wants (as long as it is constructive and not offensive). If the review is offensive, then moderator can remove the post.

I just tried again -- the page still didn't accept the text of my original review, but when I submitted a review simply saying "test test test" it accepted immediately and said my review had been submitted. I don't think there's anything strange about my original text (e.g. odd symbols) that might have caused problems.

@nikolajtesla I completely agree that this makes the idea of reviews pretty useless and that info about reviews should be written above the list of reviews. But how will you check that "a student has taken at least one class and paid money"?

I would think it is easy enough to limit the availability of writing a review to only those who have completed a lesson course.

I'm afraid the policy that only shows positive reviews will backfire. Moderators can delete a review that is not constructive or an obvious attempt to falsely discredit a coach. Once prospective students catch wind that only positive reviews are posted, that those with constructive feedback but possibly negative because a particular coach did not meet their expectations as promised, that these posts are being CENSORED, will result in a lack of trust and partiality.

Prospective students will be rendered incapable of making their best choice and ultimately not choose any coach. A coach would have the opportunity to state his case upon seeing a negative review, most often refuting the students misguided claims.

Censoring negative feedback is not the best course to pursue. This is a criticism of lichess policy. Is it censored because it disagrees? I have often read moderators do not mute or ban simply because of a difference in opinion. Why should a review of a students experience with a coach be any different?

At the very minimum, as was previously mentioned, a "truth in advertising" statement needs to be posted up front. "Negative reviews are not shown, but referred to a moderator who may demote a coach." (Don't know what this actually means, but it seems to state lichess policy". Lichess boasts of honesty, no BS. IMO, censoring negative feedback is not honest, especially when prospective students are not aware of said policy.

If a coach gets enough negative reviews they will be removed from the coach list.

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