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  3. Training comes up with the same puzzles

Having thousands of puzzles to choose from, the puzzles to solve in the training section should be unique. However, came up for the third or forth time today, and I've only done a small number of them so far.

AFAIK you get a puzzle again if you didn't solve it correctly, so that you actually learn from your past mistakes.

Is this really the intention? I understand the idea to show a puzzle again some time, but imho this is done way too soon and really too often, so I consider it a bug on an otherwise great site.

@Vetinari_Computer is correct. When the tactics trainer was updated a few months back, one of the things the developers implemented was spaced repetition. You can read about how it works here:

For more about spaced repetition, see here:

I still would like the repeated puzzles to not be rated.