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  3. Tournement Result shows previous Round not last Round

dear all,
first: Congratulations. Nice Job.
The Issue is that the final Tournement Result shows the final standings from previous round but not the result of last round.,
In other words:
Expected: Tounement Table shows standing after last round inclusive the result of the last game

Current behaviour: Final Tournement result shows standings not with the result of the last round.

Thank you for reading.
Regards alexander

The lichess tournament don't have rounds. You play as many games as possible within limited time. Your tournament result are the points you collected before the time expired.

the round is for every player independent. Please check my description. Please check the table and search for the last game.
Not available. It means you see the round before.

nOt last round to see hurts my belly.
it must be fixed i sympathise with your outcry a lot. why others not posting about it??? I confuse.

Only games that finish before the tournament clock runs out count for the tournament.
If the "last round" games finish after the tournament is over, their results do not affect tournament scores, so they are not included in the tournament table.

ok, thats a answer. For Clarification if would be nice to inform the players. The last game finish and only the clock in the left part of the screen let me know if I get the point.
Thank you.

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