[Tournaments improvement] More hourly ultrabullet tournaments

Hello, Lichess. We have some hourly ultrabullet arenas, which don't interfere other time controls, but usually players create their own ultrabullet tournaments, because hourly ultrabullet happens rare. But creating a tournament means that one has to wait 5 minutes (time to gain participants) before the beginning of a tournament. But most people just want to join already going tournaments and not lose time on creating or taking initiative in creating a tournament. Although, if there is some ultrabullet tournament (especially official arena), a lot of people join it. It would be therefore a nice improvement for ultrabullet players if we had more official ultrabullet arenas (they don't interfere with other time controls anyway). Thanks.

What about Atomic !? Official tournametns are 5+0 which is %75 won for white.

I definitely agree with this! The ultrabullet community would benefit from having more hourly ultrabullets, especially because they're short and competitive.

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