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On the tournament page, a list of upcoming tournaments is listed on the left. I would like to be able to edit the list to see only standard chess tournaments. If this is not possible, I would like to have the option to sort the list by type. Perhaps, there is another area of the site where I could see only all the upcoming standard tournaments?

I think this would be beneficial. It can be tedious to find an atomic tournament among the other grey boxes, and sometimes I still won't be able to find the box because the duration is so long and it's at the end.

I like this idea as well. I have zero desire to play certain variants, and would therefore like the ability to edit them out of my tournament listings.

Related, I wouldn't mind the ability to not display tournaments with only a short amount of time remaining either.

Also, I would prefer if the width of the tournament display page was larger, could have more visible info on the tournaments that many people would like with no real loss of aesthetics. Right now it seems cramped to me for no apparent reason.

(Edit: just realized this is the same compressed style that is used by the front page, though I think the front page would look better with a wider style as well..)

Maybe an option to toggle the average active player rating in the tournaments would be nice too.

Yeah this seems like a good idea

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