TOS wording

Sure there are various laws that apply for different types of companies, but that's not really relevant.

A ToS is just a contract between the user and the site. If conflicts arise it's natural to look to the contract for guidance.

Yes they could not hurt either way i guess.
But another thing that could also not hurt is banning that cheater I reported 36 hours ago 🙎

@Cynosure: If it would help, I could try to do a full proofread on the ToS (I just briefly glanced at it the other day). As I think I said earlier, I don't know much lawyer-speak (which is weird, because my uncle was a judge), but I have a number of qualifications that make me perfect for proofreading:
-I scored in the 95th percentile on the English portion of the GRE
-I am pedantic as hell
-I clearly have too much time on my hands

@clousems save thou thy labour, come thou no more with corrections gentle clousems, they shall have none I swear.

You don't need permission to help improve lichess :) Anyone can submit changes in text and code for review. If you are not comfortable submitting new code on github ( you can always post your ideas here in the forum or on discord (

There are still prolly many typos lying around in various parts of lichess. We have a ton of different languages so it can be hard to keep on top of them all.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!