Titles for variant players

Just saying, not sure this has been posted before.
Players that are masters at playing variants like atomic, crazyhouse, horde should get some
recognition, although this is a very small thing. I think it would be a nice addition.

Example a crazyhouse GM would be ZGM, an atomic GM would be AGM. (Lower ratings would maybe be ZCM, ACM etc) I believe they used to have a title for players who reached 2200(Lichess master?). Now, I don't know what the requirements for it would be, I don't think I am qualified to say. Just a thought. (This would NOT overwrite normal chess titles. It would be regular chess instead of the variant or beside it.)

We have no plans to start issuing any unofficial titles.

We only recognize official FIDE (CM and better) and national master (NM) titles.
LM was a honorary title by and for Lichess and is no longer awarded.
Please see

I think that i got enough rating to get a title in King OfThe Hill. welp, can you help me?
What is the mini ELO for LM?

LM was a honorary title by and for Lichess and is *no longer awarded*.

@bufferunderrun Just out of curiosity why is it no longer rewarded? It seems like a really cool idea for lichess. Was it because lichess only wanted official titles on the website? Thanks.

The site has matured. There is no reason to keep awarding it when there are so many good folks around here with real titles.

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