Title Players only auto quick parings

I have been playing daily on lichess for a long time and I find it very frustrating when I keep getting pair with people who I don't know (None titled players), many time cheaters or at least very suspicious players, it would be very nice if a title player have an option to only be pair with other titled players. Every time I start a bullet game I am checking what year the account was created and looking at the other player's games and even though I agree that most people are not cheating it is psychologically very frustrating . There is also the case of strong players who keep creating new accounts and it gets super frustrating because you ask your self who is this person and because they don't have a title here you are again with the doubt and that's just super annoying and decreases the quality of your game.

But in your rating range there is a very less chance of getting the cheaters unless you are playing some 10 minute rapid..and overall there is very less number of cheaters in bullet ig.

It can be a very nice feature, but only in quick pairings. In tournaments this feature doesn't make any sense.

Even though I'm not a titled player, I think it would be a good idea, we'd have more titled players playing on lichess instead of the other shitty website... Good idea!

That's correct I16, for example I only play bullet on lichess because of that reason, very sporadically you get a titled player, almost never when you use the quick paring (including custom). On chesscom if I have over 2800 and hit the quicks random (-25 to infinity) almost 90% of the time I get a title player. I don't know the reason why this works better on chesscom than lichess but this feature will certainly make things easier for GMs to get a good more fair game.

I don't think there are those options for now. But that's a cool idea. Maybe what you can do is just set your rating range to -0 and +500 so there are more titled players.

@Aiden_Chen yeah, I have tried that but it takes forever, the idea is to have another option that might speed up pairings for titled players, if a titled player wants to play a none titled they can turn it off. It could be as simple as a switch.

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