I keep getting this error message that keeps from playing.

I play blitz 1-3 games alot and I sometimes timeout, not just for the sake of. Why everytime now do i get punished for this?

Sorry :(
We had to time you out for a while.

The timeout expires in 2 hours.

We aim to provide a pleasant chess experience for everyone.
To that effect, we must ensure that all players follow good practice.
When a potential problem is detected, we display this message.

How to avoid this?
Play every game you start.
Try to win (or at least draw) every game you play.
Resign lost games (don't let the clock run down).
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience,
and wish you great games on
Thank you for reading!

Because you probably repeated it many times. If it is your first time, you are banned for 15 minutes. The more you purposely timeout, the more the ban increases. So whenever you timeout, they suspect you for doing it purposely. You probably don’t have a clean record for intentional timeouts, so it is easier for you to get banned than a player with a clean record.

Anyway to reset this ? Or after a certain amount of non timeouts. Also what’s a purposeful timeout vs reg? Doesn’t it matter on when your last move was?

I skimmed through your recent games, virtually all of them are lost by time running out. I didn't bother checking to see how much time was left on those, because I also saw multiple games where you left instead of resigning. No sympathy for you.

@Slingin__D , there is no way to reset this. I had seven bans when it was my first week on Lichess, but my record is still with me until now, even though I have not left any games since then.

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