Timed out because of timewasters abandoning games

I don't play with people who abandon games. I leave them a polite message in chat telling them why, then I resign from the game and block them.

I just got timed out by the automatic lichess software for 9 minutes for resigning against a player who has played 621 games with a Completion Rate of 50%!!! It's sorta ironic that I get timed out on the WORST ever completion rate I have ever seen. The previous worst was 73%

I wonder how many times the 50 per center has been timed out????

You tell me.

I would love a software person from lichess to explain why this 50 per center is even allowed on lichess.

blocking them does nothing, the auto match pairs you with blocked players anyway.

don't resign, just leave the tab open and go do something else while you wait.

Blocking them means I never get paired with them again. If everyone did it, they'd soon get the message. If I leave the tab open with a game running I also get penalised by the software.

1/2 right. I can be paired with them in a tournament, not in lobby games. Also your suggestion would leave the clock to run down wouldn't it? Then I get warned, my "completion rate" falls, and if I keep doing it I get a timeout.

@Kevin1McCready You don't get penalized, it's the opponents clock which runs down, not yours. You have nothing to get penalized or even warned for. The opponent does.

If you resign before claiming victory, (which only takes around 30 seconds), Lichess won't detect that your opponent did anything wrong in the first place.

If they abandon the game then wouldn't it be timing out on their turn? Checkmate.

LOL. I'm continuing to block and resign. This time I got banned for 16 minutes. It appears that some commenters here don't quite understand what I'm saying or don't understand how the system works.