Time to ban rage quitters.

Just get rid of prop who abandon games. It’s really annoying. The resign button is there for a reason. Their internet connection is not dropping. It’s obvious they’re lost and making opponents pay for beating them.

You can always report people who leave games without resigning.

Once you learn that your opponent is in severe pain then every second the clock tic's down is another slash of the whip on your opponents back, and it won't bother you as much. You'll probably learn to love it, as I have :)

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Definetly yes. In Anonymous mode around 4/5 games end up with some kid's attempt 'this wasn'me'. To fix this in anon mode,
- If someone ragequits, closes window, switches from game, it must be loud instant resign. Music must be played instantly not to allow to avoid Pavlov reaction on game lost sound.
- There must be direct position evaluation, which is based on standard sum and in MOST cases correct. If someone has 9 points less (queen blundered) and his average time per move was like 5 seconds whole game - nobody cares that he has 1 min left on clock. Either next move in 10 seconds either game lost. If he manages to equalise fast, all 1 min is again avaliable.
And so on.
Simple ideas which will impove a lot anon games, but were not made for years.

I experience this a lot, but it is what it is. it's true that your opponent can choose to do whatever they want during their time, but I still hate such behavior as it's not in the spirit of the game. If I feel that my opponent has rage quit, I normally just open a YouTube tab and chill until their clock runs out

what's the point of playing anonymous people lol

but I agree; warnings are handed out for stalling but there's no clue of how strict it is