Time running without display update

To Lichess
I think you have received sufficient and numerous examples of this technical issue. It would be nice of you to take it in consideration and look into it deeply.
Internet connection issue is not the problem as many of us use other applications and upload or download without this king of problem.
Please give us proper feedback.

I get this on two different devices connected in different ways.

I commented on this on a thread where I suggested that time lost to such lag doesn't get charged to anyone's clock. (Each players computer knows when the player moved and when they were waiting).

Sadly it got mostly typical responses for a forum that ranged from people who didn't want to see there was a problem.

#11 I fully agree and think it's the next issue in the backlog.

I've had this issue and seen it mentioned too.

Sometimes the connection is fine, but perhaps due to a short gap, I find it weird that my opponent is not moving, then I reload, and suddenly it's my turn and I'm already near flagging.

I had the same problem, e.g. this game
Nwar the end of the game, i made moves instantly but got between 10 to 30 secs subtracted from the clock.
In other games there this had happened i pinged the server (ping but there were no problems shown. Connection times always in the milli second range

I get the same. The one I just played, nothing unusual, no signs of connection issue: I am winning, my opponent let's his last minute run out and he loses on time. Except looking in game history, it says he had well over a minute left, and I lost on time. No connection problems at my end. Do the servers get too busy? Android app. I have not paid anything for lichess: but I would pay to ensure no such issues.

Coban2006 I am having a similar problem.

I've just had 3 games where I made a move the screen played the move... but then registered that I had lost on time before the move was played.

It's fustrating in the time scramble when you think you've won because you premove Rh7+ you see it on board, your opponent doesn't respond but it says you've lost on time... after the move.

For whatever reason it seems to have been happening a lot to me since v2, whether that's a coincidence or not I don't know.

Happened again just now; this is becoming a real problem !

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