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  3. The report form should be more easily accessible

If I need to report a player (especially when they have lost the game and instead of quitting they go afk wasting your/my time) it is not convenient that the link for the report form is only here.
I think it should be more accessible, in another place.

To be more precise I think it should be in the "Forum" homepage or in the "Tools" menu.

What do you mean by "the link for the report form is only here"?

If you click on a player's name then you'll be redirected to their profile page. On their profile page is an icon in the shape of a triangle containing an exclamation mark. Clicking on this icon will allow you to report the player.

You mean ?

May be a report button or link to report page on game paying page which appear on every game ?

@chanakam2000 yeah like that won't be abused...

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