The option to translate this part to portuguese:

Basics of Chess and Practice. Here apear that the site is 100% translated:, but not approved. It is Portuguese of Brazil. I was using 'Practice and basics of chess' and some parts were not translated.

Only the titles or some short messages are available for the translation, but the tips like these are not:

"Checkmate the opponent in 1 move
The Suffocation Mate works by using the knight to attack the enemy king and the bishop to confine the king's escape routes."

If you put this option the community will be very happy to help with the translation. Thank you very much for your attention. - Brazilian Chess Community !!

Just use Google Translate.
If you don't understand any paragraphs, it can quickly and accurately translate them for you to any language you want.

It's not for me, it's to help the community. Not everyone knows English. If it was to give such a stupid answer, it would be better for you to be quiet.

Thanks for helping with the translations!

The strings do not necessarily have to be approved. Admin approval is mostly used to overrule a decision made by voting.

Do you have an example for untranslatable content on (chess basics)?

Unfortunately the content under is very hard to make translatable. It's based on studies and therefore basically user created content. Maybe one day ...

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