terrible - joke - translation "Schwiizerdüütsch"

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And somehow I thought this would be about the "die Flipperwaldt gersput" joke.

@Chagall6 Well, I am not a Swiss, but AFAIK you are ill-informed. Schwiizerdüütsch is an own language, and it is not the same as someone speaking German with a Swiss dialect. And from my own experience: Trying for me to understand Schwiizerdüütsch is just as useless as trying to understand Dutch.

sheckley666 - Please don't tell a Bavarian what beer is!

I am (by chance) Swiss and therefore I am not - as you say - badly or wrongly informed.
And I don't know why I should criticise this translation if I wasn't Swiss?

A regular language called "Schwizerdütsch" does NOT exist!

It is as I have written it:
If a Swiss - from any German-speaking canton - speaks in his dialect, then one can say....
"he speaks Swiss German" ...but which dialect he uses, this statement does not say!

Just as an example (numerous but not exhaustive):
There are different dialects in the cantons of Aargau, Basel, Bern, Glarus, Graubünden, Lucerne,
St. Gallen, Schaffhausen, Valais and Zurich. In addition, there are some dialects of Central Switzerland!

All these dialects can be called "Schwizerdütsch" (Swiss German) because the basic language
and also the official language is German, but they are all different in words and also in sound!

But there is no such thing as a dialect called "Schwizerdütsch" that applies to everyone,
it is NOT a language in its own right - you are misinformed!

and last but not least:
If you speak and understand German well, you can understand most of the dialects
in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. But German is of course the prerequisite...

...I have changed the forum topic.
Sorry - English is not my mother tongue!

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