Tactics Trainer feature request

i Like the tactics Trainer indeed nice feature, but it could be nice to have some themes like gaining material
"Discovered attack, Fork, Pin, Skewer or X-RAY2

Sacrifices THEMES
Zugzwang THEMES
Zwischenzug THEMES

So could we have such a addon?
I would be willing to help on edit during my tactics session!

I think we could then solve tactic themes and also for beginner's it could be very helpfull..

thx lichess team for all your work

There is a limited theme feature, it's called practice. These are more a learning tool for beginner and immediate players.

The problem I foresee is the amount of code required for the computer to decide which tactic is applicable would be prohibited. I voting system, like, is a workaround. Even with user tags, humans make mistakes. IMHO, knowing that there is a tactic reduces the effectiveness of the puzzle, knowing the theme(s) would reduce it even more.

I suggest that you use the already available resources rather than applying more pressure to these already stressed coders.

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