Tactics and Voting

This goes out to the team that handles tactics for Lichess. Why put in voting system if the tactics are going to stay in mix? Meaning... If a vote on a tactic that is very poor at "0" why is it still being offered? Is it because there isn't enough available tactics to refil the crappy ones? Also point system on what is worth more tactic point wise should be looked at. Giving 4 points to a tactic that is 4 move s deep is also lacking in reward. where missing a very easy tactic removed 16 points. This is just my feed back but seems there is alot more work on this option still.

Every puzzle starts at 0, so I wouldn't say this was very poor.

Actually I always forget to rate them... should do that!

Should allow negative points. I already voted down a puzzle that was rated 0.

#6 puzzle seems sound resp. plausible, at least one is used to those algorithm-made stuff. Easy one.

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