Swiss tournaments are on Lichess

We played this, but several players was not paired and in round 4 only one game was paired, 18 - people was not paired. After round 4 - the ranking was shown, although we expected 7 rounds.

20 people, 2 early quitters, 7 rounds does not work.
5 rounds at most.
Kick the early quitters out of the team.

14 Players, 7 rounds, no problems at all. Great stuff !!

@tpr Last week we had 18 players, 2 early quitters, and we played effortlessly all set rounds. It DOES work, even if it isn't your opinion. Obviously something went wrong in the tournament of #441, after a couple of rounds of blitz with just 30sec in between the rounds it won't be the case that 90% leaves.

@tpr 20 players (or 18) with 7 rounds works totally fine.

it seems like a bug that 18 (or 16 in this case as 2 were early quitters) players were marked as early quitters for round 4.

I hope round robin will be implemented soon.
It will be a good alternative to Swiss when there are few participants

In our local chess club, we have held some blitz tournaments, now that we can't meet because of Corona.
Last time we were 6 players. We tried the swiss and it went just fine. We got the game 5 rounds.
yesterday we were also 6 players. We also we only played 3 rounds, after which the tournament ended.
Previously, we had a round robin, where we managed the tournament with a schedule where we then challenged each other. We will do this again.
However, it would be far easier if it were an opportunity to make a round robin at Lichess.
The problem that it causes problems if a player retires is not a problem for us