Swiss tournaments are on Lichess

Hey guys, can there be an option to change tiebreaking method(s). In the FIDE, there is a fast game. We need the option to use several possible tiebreaking methods. @thibault

What about players coming too late? Is there a 1/2poinscore? And is there a timelimit for coming late, maybe, only possible during round #1? Thanks for an answer, first swiss-tournament went well..

@dida64 Please read There you'll find one gets once half a point if one joins late. You can join during every round (and I'd personally like to keep it that way to be more flexible).

@ TacticalBert Sorry, overlooked that detail. In general , we had a great tournament, 8 Players, 7 rounds, like a Round Robin. Thanks to all involved for implemeting the Swiss-system, great job!

In the comment #260, @elkabut sets out a very useful idea. He (or she) wrote the suggestion in Spanish. Use an online translator to share it with users who do not speak this language.

elkabut says:

"Hi, I love the option of doing Swiss tournaments and the fact that you can change the breaks between rounds in the middle of the tournament, it gives a lot of flexibility when organizing them.
I would like to make the following suggestion if possible, the breaks between rounds can be modified from 5 seconds to 60 minutes, although it would be interesting if those breaks could be up to 24 hours (from the start time), since this would allow to make Swiss tournaments with 1 round per day and would allow them to be of longer games, something that is increasingly demanded.
And if it were possible to choose the day and time of each of the rounds to be played, it would be incredible
Thank you!"

I support this proposal! It is ideal for those who wish to organize tournaments with Classical time controls.

I have a question, can I spend the waiting time during 2 rounds on other lichess site, e.g. analyzing previous games, doing some tactics or something like that and will I get a notification that I´ m paired for the next round? Or do I always have to wait for the next round on the tournament site?