Suggestions: players who abandon games


1. Display the completion rate of each player at all times. It's a bother to go hunting for it after the game has begun.

2. Have a new feature allowing people to choose NOT to play against players with a completion rate of 90% or below.

I have adopted a new policy of refusing to play with people who abandon games. As soon as I discover their completion rate is below the threshold I block them and resign from the game. If I do so in these circumstances it should NOT be part of the rating. The system is accusing me of sandbagging by doing this. Nothing could be further from my mind.

I am sick and tired of wasting time with people who leave games. The other day about 90% of my games were with players below the threshold, sometimes at 76% even after they'd played hundreds of games.

BTW the completion rate for some players is not displayed and it's hard or impossible to find in the android app.

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