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  3. Suggestion: [What's the opposite of Zen?]

Zen mode is a good idea; I've tried it but it's not for me. When I start a game I often look at the opponent's ratings in different time controls (mouse hovering over their username).

Zen mode has its reason for being, but the opposite does its.
Any chance to get a visual representation of opponents' ratings at a glance near their username, right when starting a game and not requiring hovering or clicking?

For standard chess ratings it could be a small graph (no figures or labels), with lines for each time control category marking the viewer's rating and the opponent's, and a couple of other lines to give context to the first ones (the "other lines" might be ratings percentiles 25 and 75; and the graph's bottom and top would be 0 and 100; or a similar idea).
Colours might make it even more rapidly apparent how those ratings compare.

It might be an idea to show the same in ratings popups even when not in a game, but still as popups (continuing to require hovering).

To clarify, I'm not suggesting the current way of displaying ratings in popups be removed.

Does anyone else see benefit in having this developed at some point?

Why is it a problem to hover his name?

Not a big problem, just a tiny exercise that can be avoided if this suggestion is accepted.

When the number of clicks to achieve a user's goal can be reduced at no expense other than the dev effort, implementation should be considered. The case here is the same. If easy to do, I think it should be; otherwise, not.

IMO Ratings mean little to nothing at all unless over 2.2K which means they might as well be a computer and i have no interest in playing stockfish 8.

@bz #3 agree with the clicks statement.

i would prefer it to stay like it is, but if this is an option, why not.