suggestion/ crap english : i want a little thing

could you please create a way (function) to translate the English (algebraic) notation to Spanish translation?
this would make the Spanish speaker's studies less tiring

is this possible? i just want put my games in .txt in spanish notation

Do it yourself. Why should Lichess do such a thing?
But I do not see the problem anyway. There are 5 letters that refer to chess pieces. Would these be impossible to learn?

porque tengo que anotar las partidas manualmente en un papel, letra por letra tengo que transcribirlas, solamente hace el trabajo más difícil

i must to write games in the papper, letter by letter, you dont understand this difficulty

my suggestion is more just for all, this help for increase the level of players spanish speakers

this is about equalizing the opportunities, in the third world we dont have printers

i not live in the first world!!

Yes but you call the Spanish speaking world the 3 world, as friend and defender a weird choice. But im the troll @Utukku