Please note this thread is not intended for ranting about players who leave a game. Rather a discussion about the five minute rule, if you will. The 5 minutes it takes for the popup option to "claim victory"/"call a draw".

Does anyone else feel that this should be shortened? In particular with rapid games?

As time goes on I see less and less players with an actual connection issue, and those who have often reconnected within a minute.

with respect 5 minutes seems too long to wait before being able to have the option.

What do you guys think? Thank you in advance.


I think it is a technical problem. I have had the option not pop up at all, sometimes after 3 minutes after the opponent was displayed as "grey" sometimes within seconds. I have had connectivity problems and was claimed a win against in the time it took me to reload the page.

I know it is set different for bullet and possibly blitz.

Maybe a staff member could explain the technicalities behind it.

30 seconds. Any kind of game. If a player goes offline, that's HIS problem, not his opponent's.

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