Study Modification Bug

Hi there, I just want to report a strange bug: I have made a private study analyzing a game. In this study I made some spelling mistakes in the comments. I started to correct them but after some successful corrections, I was not able to correct the remaining errors: I can edit the comments but my changes seem not to be saved by the server. Each time I refresh the page I see some mistakes I've corrected before. I've tried many manipulations .I also tried to recreate the bug by creating a new study, without success . :(
Can someone help me Please ?
Here is the link to the study
It was a private study but I guess I will have to make it public so you guys

Actually I figured it out ! I'm using a spelling corrector integrated to chrome (google translate) so when I select the word and right click on it it will automatically correct it. If I do it by hand it works fine though. I don't know why the corrections made using the corrector are not detected by the server but the the hand-made corrections are detected. Anyway, Thanks !

Maybe the changes are only registered when you are actually typing something. Try adding and deleting an empty space after you correct something.

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