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  3. Studies: Chapter limit

Can anyone explain why there is a limit to the number of chapters in a study? And why has this limit been (arbitrarily) set to 64?

Perhaps one can spam the servers if these is no limit, but it is possible to have more than 64 chapters of meaningful content.

There's a limit because for each feature, at least one person will attempt to do something very unreasonable.

As for why 64 (and not 63, 65, or some other limit), I don't know.

Perhaps the design choices from back then should be reconsidered now - the site is growing, and with this growth comes more and better content, which is now being restricted by this arbitrary and unnecessary limit. This limit has more to do with poor UI design choices than it being a bare necessity - other sites do not have such a restriction, and work perfectly well.

(And even with only say 15 chapters, the chapter menu on the left is awkwardly small to scroll through, which should tell you it's time to fix this and make a proper chapter menu, with no chapter limit.)

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