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  3. Stricter punishment for leavers / time runners

@redcloak I agree and (at least on mobile) it sounds like reporting an opponent could/should be made easier.

that rarely happens at the 2000+ level. that's why it's not advisable to play long games online against anonymous users. join a club which allots such long games or play blitz games

I wanted to share something a little different but connected to this issue. I just played a blitz game, my time was running out, and I got into a losing position. I froze (it happens :p ) and sat there for maybe 5 seconds at most frantically searching for a saving move, didn't find it, and I flagged - perfectly normal. Then I saw in the chat "warning, letting your time run out instead of resigning will result in suspension etc." Really?? 5 seconds at the end of a game is totally different than being petty and making your opponent sit there for minutes on end. I'd really appreciate some lower limit on the time that was 'allowed to run out' (or a different limit than is there) built into the algorithm.

@marinkatomb they could come back before that limit expires though

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