Stricter punishment for leavers / time runners

Agree with #3
"Simply take away the right to start a new game when you're abandoning your current one. That alone would significantly alleviate the problem."

1) As long as the player actually plays both games and doesn't violate the by refusing to finish one of them, I don't see a problem.

2) My opinions on "Why is the Claim Victory timeout X minutes?" differ from other Lichess staff. Honestly, I'd prefer either:
a) Do not have a "Claim Victory" button
b) Make "Claim Victory" instantly accessible if the opponent lags/disconnects for even an instant

If somebody told me years ago, "son, you will learn a ton of chess, play great players, all free; however, there are some jerks and you might have to wait two minutes a few times a day."

I would be thrilled.

I get the frustration, but just take a few deep breaths and smile.

If a player starts additional games while playing a rated game and the first game ends in a timeout, sanction/timeout that player.

I feel like 30 seconds could be too short though if its a connection issue might take longer than that (like a minute) to reconnect.

What time controls are we talking about here? 3+2 blitz?

The problem is less with 3+2 blitz.
However, in say 15+10 if one player plays quickly, blunders and then starts another game then the other player has to sit waiting for almost half an hour. The player may even come back before his time expires, e.g. to offer a draw, hoping it gets accepted by mistake.
I do not call for punishment.
I call for prevention.
If a player cannot start another game while a game is unfinished, then he will not behave as described.

I have a suggestion for this. If someone leaves a game with 5 minutes left on their clock, they serve a 5 minute suspension when they log back in. Perhaps this doesn't have to always happen, but it is a fair penalty for people who routinely do this.

Also, i would suggest having a maximum disconnect time. If i play rapid (say 20mins per side) and my opponent leaves the game, you have to wait AGES to start a new game. I would say set some maximum disconnect time. Maybe even agree this before the game starts?

Just some thoughts..

@Toadofsky if you're going to leave this up to the moderators, there at least needs to be an easy way to immediately report a user. maybe i'm retarded but i can't even figure out how to report a user from the android app after the game. why isnt there an option on the menu after the game to report the user? no one is going to bother to fill out the "report a user" form on the website every time this happens

maybe there could be a separate button both in the app and on the website where you can report them as a "time runner/leaver" with a simple click after you've claimed victory. then there could be an automated thing where if a user gets too many such reports he gets punished or something