Stricter punishment for leavers / time runners

Hello, I love this website! I really do! However what is really bad is how many players I face in my (low) skill level, which do leave without resigning, after they already lost. Some of them let time run almost out and then make a move again, even though they are behind like 12 points. But much more just leave without resigning... I know I can reclaim the win after 2 minutes, however those 2 minutes are a really long time.

I feel like there should be one or more of the following things implemented on the platform:
- A(n) (invisible) behaviour score, which is used for match making. People, which insult, letting time run out or do not resign should be matched with people who do the same... However if you only leave 1 out of 500 games (probably due to a connection drop) you should play against others with a good behaviour score.
- The punishment for leaving could be increased. As I never left, I don't know what the punishment is, however people don't seem to be afraid of getting the "temporary ban"
- If you are far ahead and your opponent drops, the time could be decreased from 2min to 30 seconds

I'm sure there are more ideas, I hope sth can be done...

Best regards

Simply take away the right to start a new game when you're abandoning your current one. That alone would significantly alleviate the problem.

@jesuslifie how can I understand your comment?

@spieldeslebens I often have people shown as offline... I don't think they start a new game. Furthermore: How do you recognize "abandoning your current [game]"?

@Misanthrop87 I believe they only are shown as offline because they leave the tab open but when I go check their profile they're already fooling around with another guy... of course that's not the case every time but it happens often enough that it makes you wonder why this practice is still allowed. As for determining whether a person leaves due to a connection problem or out of spite, I would implement a simple algorithm which counts the material difference between Black and White before reaching a conclusion; if, let's say one side is ahead 10 points or around that number, it's pretty clear that a ban is order for the absent player.

Agree 100%. I block people with completion rates lower than 90%. It's annoying that they get away with it. I chatted to one offender about his rude behaviour and he just laughed. He knew he could get away with it. I played one recently who had a completion rate of 67%. The "warning" is clearly not working for some.

Feel free to offensive players. The give administrators the final say in all cases.

That said it feels like half the suggestions in this forum are about, "Don't allow my opponent to claim victory when I accidentally disconnect" and the other half are about, "Disconnectors need to be punished more."

> I don't think they start a new game.
Yes they do.

> How do you recognize "abandoning your current [game]"?
Because they are greyed out. And no, about possible connection problems, they are a player's problem, not his oppoent's.

> Feel free to offensive players.
This is a very silly answer to a seriusly abusive behaviour. You don't approach a problem after it occurred, when you can and should prevent it from happening.

#8 We already do give temporary timeouts to people who let their time run, as in this forum I've explained several times already. Here's the code if you don't believe me:

I hear your point that we need to do more, and I also see forum posts seeing we need to do less. This is why I leave the work of moderation to the moderators, and stick to development...

I appreciate your answer, but can I ask:

1) Why on earth you do allow people to leave without resigning and start a new game already? That's unbelievable when it happens to you.

2) Why don't you shorten the "claim victory" timeout to a common 30 seconds? What do you want people being allowed to do when playing chess (and to force their opponents to bear with at their own expenses)?