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  3. Strange things happen... Loss on the next day? No guys!?

Yesterday evening I played a couple of 5+0 games. In the last but second game I moved 1. Nf3 nothing happens, I cancelled the game after a long while without an answer. There was nothing like "resigning", everything ok. I won the last and climbed to 2252 which is also the personal best score ever. 444 rated games, nice number.
20 hours later or so I saw that the last but second game was counted backwards as a loss and many hours later 445 rated games.

Guys, that's not ok. I downloaded the whole database yesterday and there was concerning this game "1.Nf3 unterminated" and no rating of the blitz(!) game, even this morning not. Only by now and the chronology is reversed.

Hope you can fix it. Thanks.

PS: Even the plot reads 2252 (18.5.2017) and 2236 (19.5.2017) - and I played no game today.

Did you abort that game??

Well, I moved 1.Nf3 and waited for ages, no black move. Then I aborted the blitz game, yeah, no resigning. And it worked out well - until 24h hours later. Then I saw 1.Nf3 d5 and a loss out of a sudden - in fact chronologically after the next game? :(

By "aborting," you mean "going back to the lobby and just assuming the game would end automatically?"

I've never been to the "lobby", what's that? I cancelled/aborted after 1.Nf3 waiting for answer which never came, yeah. I started the next blitz game by sending an offer, reaching a local maximum, the rating loss of the previous blitz game came about 24h later.

Guys, you hear me? You listen to your supporters?

Can you provide a link to the game?

Just go to my profile, the last two games.

The loss of the second last was accounted only by the next day. It was an aborted game, I moved Nf3 and nothing happened.

Or look at the chart: I reached the maximum on the 18th with 2252, the second last game was accounted on the 19th where I played no game (-16). White plays Nf3. Black plays d5. White leaves the game. Am I missing something?

On Sargon's game after that, it shows him at the same rating as before and after he wins, he goes up 11 points but his current rating went down after that even though he didn't play another game.

1) I never saw 1 ... d5. I aborted the game after a long time and started the next one without any loss of points. When I downloaded the database on the 18th the game was just 1.Nf3 end. That was from your database on that evening.

2) The loss of points came on the 19th backwards after 24h, see rating chart. I didn't play on the 19th.

PS: Exactly, #9. Thank you.