Stop timing us out when we are still online, you *******! lol

What is wrong with you? We are online, but we got stressed because we were running out of time! Why the timeout when we are still in the game and have been playing till the last seconds! This is really frustrating! Change your algorithm. I like this place more than other platforms, but 33 minutes timeout when I was actually active the entire game?! It's not like I stopped playing for 30 seconds or something. Holy shit this is annoying.

Stop intentionally timing out in lost positions instead of resigning, and maybe the unintentional ones alone won't add up to crossing the ban threshold.

Don't talk like you are sure I intentionally do that. Read what I wrote carefully, lichess fangirl. I wouldn't be complaining had I been doing it intentionally.

Please don't taunt the internet bad boy - he might rage quit on you!

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