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  3. Stockfish not working properly

Hi guys.

I'm having a bit of a trouble as my stockfish isnt working properly in my analysis board. It still displays the advantage of either black or white but it not longer displays the best moves which, as a low level player are quite important in order to improve. I tried to reboot my navigator and PC and still not working.

Here is a screenshot to make myself clearer :

I'm using Firefox 55.0.3, I tested with Internet Explorer 11 aswell and it's not working either. If you have any ideas to solve this problem I'll be glad to read them !

I'm not sure what you're referring to.

The line itself is displayed. 25.Kf1 e5 26.Qc3 Kf8 etc.

Are you referring to the best move arrow? That's just a setting you can change in the menu (icon of 3 horizontal lines in the lower right of the screen).

Oh yeah that was it :x. I wonder how I uncheck that one. Thank you :) !

No problem.

Glad I could help!